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The "original" KhaoLak Beach
Poseidon beach and Secluded beach

khaolak beach
KhaoLak beach
These are small sheltered and quiet sandy beaches just a few kilometers south of KhaoLak Park HQ at markers 54 and 55 on route 4.

poseidon beach, khao lak
poseidon beach

This is the location of the original Khaolak beach before the name was 'borrowed' to include the several kilometers of beach to the north of the headland. The villages of Ban Khao Lak, Ban Lam Ru and Ban Lam Kaen are also close by. Geographically they are slightly seperated from the centre of what is now also commercially regarded as Khao Lak by the headland (and National Park Office) of the KhaoLak-Lamru National Park.

Khao Lak Beach is one of the shortest of beaches in the general Khaolak area (stretching north) and yet has probably the best setting. At its southern end there are limestone boulders where it forms part of Poseidon beach. A mangrove river seperates Poseidon beach from Thap Lamu beach.

Thai Muang beach

This is a lovely stretch of unspoilt beach which runs for several kilometers.

At its northern end it merges into the Thai Muang coastal section of the Thai Muang - Khao Lam Pi National park.

thai muang beach
Thai Muang beach
The beach runs parallel to the 2.5 km stretch of the Thai Muang golf course.

This golf course was actually closed in mid-2007 for approx four years, for upgrading and restructuring works.

Tha Sai beach

Tha Sai beach
Tha Sai beach
This is another lengthy and truly stunning natural unspoilt beach, just south of Thai Muang beach. The name Tha Sai means 'pier (of) Banyan (trees)'.

Access to the beach is on foot for the last few hundred meters.
Tha Sai beach
Tha Sai beach

Editor's note: The most famous Banyan tree in Thailand is the Sai Ngam (beautiful banyan ) at Tambon Nai Muang, Amphoe Phi Mai, Nakon Ratchasima. It is 350 years old and has a spread which covers an area of 35,000 square feet. This spread is probably the largest in the world. Although it may look like many trees growing together it is actually one tree with many stems that are formed when roots are dropped down from the branches.

Bo Dan beach

Yet another natural and unspoilt beach, further south.

bo dan beach
Bo Dan beach
The well known Bo Dan hotsprings are just inland.

Na Tai, Pilai and Tha Nun beaches

These beaches are all in Takua Thung district rather than Thai Muang district.
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