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A warm welcome to the district of Thai Muang in Phang Nga province Southern Thailand. We hope you find this website a useful introduction to Thai Muang district.

Thai Muang district is renowned for its natural and varied beauty. There are mangrove and evergreen forests, exotic mountainous National Parks, beautiful long stretches of almost deserted white powdery beaches, a coastal National Park, and a world famous offshore National Park dive location.

It offers nature lovers an unspoilt landscape of beaches, islands, dive sites, hills, mountains, forested valleys, mangroves and estuaries.

The name Thai Muang loosely translates to "the last stop of the tin mine" in Thai, and the district of Thai Muang was home to many Chinese tin miners who migrated to the area during the industry's boom in the late 18th century. The name came from when Chinese families lived on the banks of the river, and the husbands worked in the tin mines. The family members would sit by the river, not much more than a wastewater stream, to collect small reject particles of tin to sell. This was effectively, the "last stop of the tin from the mine". These days there are few reminders of the once booming tin mine industry in Thai Muang, but the beachfront location is perfect for those wanting to relax and get some peace and quiet.

Open daily - Remains of the tin dredge (Khao Lampi-Hat Thai Muang National Park
(Open daily. it is a fair way along the beach road - about 4km - just after the Tourist Information Centre.
This dredge at Pang Ranger station 3 ( Thung Samed Khaw) was the first concrete dredge in Thailand.
Some mobile equipment was removed a long time ago but now 7 pieces remain,
including the concrete dredge in the swamp and the gear wheels.
This is considered to be the only kind of museum of the ancient dredge of Phang Nga province.)

The transliteration word "Muang" is thus in contrast with the word "Mueang" meaning a city centre throughout the country. There is a difference.
Some of the attractions and activities of Thai Muang district include:-      

          - the "original" Khaolak beach
          - Khao Lak - Lam Ru national park
          - Thai Muang - Khao Lam Pi national park
          - several waterfalls
          - Dive sites at Similan islands national park
          - Thai Muang beach (adjacent to Thai Muang golf course)
          - Tha Sai beach
          - Bo Dan beach
          - Bo Dan hotsprings
          - Thap Lamu (departure point for Similan islands)
          - Royal Thai Navy's Third Fleet Sea Turtle Nursery (at Thap Lamu)
          - Marine Park conservation centre (at Thap Lamu)
          - Thai Muang golf course
          - Thap Lamu Royal Navy golf course

The district (Amphoe) of Thai Muang, has an area of 611.8 square kilometers and has six sub-districts (tambon) - these are Thai Muang, Na Toei, Bang Thong, Thung Maprao, Lam Pi, and Lam Kaen. There is a total of 49 villages.

With regard to Phang Nga province as a whole, it is a primarily agricultural province with beautiful diverse scenery. The chief cash crop is rubber, and rubber plantations cover a considerable area, especially noticeable along the roads. Aside from that, however, large areas are also given to food crops. Considerable amounts of rice, vegetables and fruits are produced in Phang-Nga. Phang-Nga province has an area of 4,170 sq. kms., a large part of which is forest, and is a melting pot culture of Buddhists, Thai-Chinese, Muslims and even sea gypsies.

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